coronavirus disease

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has sprouted feelings of worry and indecision about the future across the globe. But it’s also activated a wave of international support and community. We at Italcharter want to join in this latter effort by offering our assurances to our customers.  First and foremost, your safety is our priority. And while the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to advise against the application of travel restrictions to countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, we’ve also updated our rescheduling policy to reflect potential new scenarios.


Curious about boat safety and hygiene? Rest assured that all Italcharter Golf and Sailing boats adhere to industry cleaning standards and that all partners we work with are vigilantly following the recommendations of local authority to increase cleaning frequently and meet disinfection standards. We’re doing everything we can to ensure you have a safe holiday.


We’ll offer a one-time option to reschedule your Italcharter Tour booking in the case of one or more of the following*:
• An International travel ban is set in your destination, preventing you from travel outside of your country
• You have contracted COVID-19
* Affected areas are considered those countries, provinces, territories, or cities experiencing ongoing transmission of COVID-19, in contrast to areas reporting only imported cases. This guarantee applies to FUTURE bookings and is redeemable up to two weeks prior to the first day of your trip.

Have a question about an existing booking?

Customers with existing bookings who are concerned about their upcoming trips are advised to contact the charter partner directly as cases vary depending on the location and local government recommendations. Italcharter is here to support you with this communication if needed. Feel free to contact your sales agent or get in touch with our team at

In case you wish to move or cancel your trip and you are not affected by a governmental travel ban the normal cancellation policy applies, Charter companies are not obligated to reschedule if you are not affected by a travel ban.  If you nevertheless wish to cancel or reschedule your trip, the charter company you booked your trip with will check your case in alignment with their terms of service and will try to find the best solution.

Additionally, for travelers who wish to exercise an extra level of caution when they travel, we’d like to point them to WHO’s recommended protective measures against COVID-19, including washing hands frequently and practicing respiratory hygiene. Before embarking on your trip, we’d additionally advise you to review travel guidance and health advisories issued by both your home country and Italy. If you don’t see your country listed below, check online for the correct authority.

We’ll never leave you stranded. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our services department.

Medical Guidance

All our staff on board are qualified and adequately trained to provide you with first aid operations in case of health problems or emergencies on board.

On Water Support

Our crew will be pleased to advise you every day on the most beautiful places to carry out your activities at sea, providing the equipment available and the necessary assistance for you own safety.

Safety Instruction

Once aboard, the captain will be happy to welcome you and give you a briefing on prohibited and permitted items and safety instructions on board. The last word on the possibility of going out on a boat is 100% up to the captain.

24/7 Assistance

A team of experts will be at your complete disposal to provide support every day of the week.