Do I have to golf every day?

We like to present our passengers with difficult choices every day – good golf and good touring options. The choice is yours. Some passengers will even relax on the ship for extra pampering by the crew. Motorcoaches and knowledgeable guides are available each day so if it looks like rain, or a golfer needs a day of rest, we are able to accommodate your interest.

Can I play golf and sightsee?

On every cruise there are sightseeing highlights that we make sure everyone gets to see. For example, our touring passengers will have all day touring Pisa, and the golfers will have a few hours after golf. There are, however, certain instances where the tour and golf are in different locations from the ship and our itinerary necessitates that we set sail once all passengers are back on board. This is the exception and usually means we docked in a small port to be closer to the golf course.

Are the seas rough?

Golf and sailing are both outside sports and therefore we are always subject to the weather conditions at hand. That being said, we operate all of our cruises in the right season for each region we visit, to minimize the impact rough seas might have on our itinerary. Fortunately, the ships we use are some of the most stable passenger vessels available and the Mediterranean sea is one of the most quite in the world.

How large are the staterooms?

There are two stateroom categories available on every ship and both are quite accommodating. We find some passengers need the largest available and others just want to be onboard. Our Reservation Managers are knowledgeable about the cabin category and will make sure you have every detail you need to make the proper selection.

How do I make airline arrangements?

Feel free to use your preferred travel agent if you wish, or let our Airline Reservations Manager assist. There is no charge for our assistance and if we handle the reservation we are then able to make any flight changes you may need to make while travelling. We also will assist you in obtaining mileage upgrades. We work closely also with American Express Platinum Travel so that clients can utilize their two for one business class ticket offer, but from some country is convenient to use low fares airlines.

How are golf pairings made?

Our Golf Director will accommodate any pairings requests you might have. If you wish to make a game each day, just let us know, or if you prefer, we will randomly match you with other golfers of equal skill. We generally try to mix the group up and offer a Ladies’ and Men’s tournament at least once, but we want you to have fun, so just let us know your preference. Our formula Rydere Cup, was born to mix great golf and great fun.

Are golf carts available?

Golf carts are not as common throughout Europe as they are in the U.S. Since we play many private clubs that only have a handful of carts, we have caddies available. This ensures we have enough quality carts for those who need them. Golfers who like to walk are welcome to do so, but we will coach you as to which courses are the best to walk.

What costs are not included?

We try to make our cruises as much inclusive as possible. Unlike other cruise offerings, we are not trying to get you to spend more while onboard. All gratuities, drinks during meals included wine and cocktails are included. You will be responsible for expenses for laundry service, phone calls and any drinks you have in the clubhouse. All meals are generally included, except when we are in a location where we know our passengers will want to explore fine restaurants on their own. For more information on included and not included costs, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

How dressy are the trips?

Dress at the golf courses is generally the same as your home course. However, there are some courses with a few restrictions, which we will tell you about in advance. Dress onboard our ships is country club casual. We generally like to have a dinner where jackets are required. Ties are optional.

When are payments due?

A simple mail reservation, filling the form, let you option your cabin. It will be valid for one week. It is the first act to start booking the vacation. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive our feedback by email about the availability of the requested cabins. A deposit of 30% of amount total are required to confirm the reservation. After 7 days, if we do not receive the deposit, your option will decay. The balance is due 120 days prior to boarding. Bank transfer is the only accepted methods of payment. For more information on payment conditions, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Are the boats regularly sanitized?

We will use a fast Covid-19 test before boarding. Rest assured that all Italcharter Golf and Sailing boats adhere to industry cleaning standards and that all partners we work with are vigilantly following the recommendations of local authority to increase cleaning frequently and meet disinfection standards. We’re doing everything we can to ensure you have a safe holiday.

What happens if a travel ban is foreseen at my destination, preventing me from traveling out of the country or if I or a crew member has contracted COVID-19?

We’ll offer a one-time option to reschedule your Italcharter Tour booking in the case of one or more of the following*:
• An International travel ban is set in your destination, preventing you from travel outside of your country
• You or a member of your crew has contracted COVID-19
*Affected areas are considered those countries, provinces, territories, or cities experiencing ongoing transmission of COVID-19, in contrast to areas reporting only imported cases. This guarantee applies to FUTURE bookings and is redeemable up to two weeks prior to the first day of your trip.

What can i do if i have food intolerances or special need for food?

Our menus on board are free from lactose, gluten and nickel. If you have particular intolerances, please let us know so that we can adapt the food to your needs.