Why Italcharter is Best for Golf and Sailing Holidays in Italy

A golf holiday in Italy comes with a handful of different opportunities for any traveller. Accompanied with an implausible natural backdrop, a collection of world-renowned vineyards, rich heritage and artistic architecture, exquisite cuisine, and the scintillating Mediterranean cruises, it is irresistible to look past one of the paramount destinations for golf and sailing holiday in Italy

The abundance of assorted golfing and sailing destinations distributed throughout the magnificent country make the visitors seek to get the most out of the tour, making their experiences breath-taking and memorable. It would not be an overstatement to say that a holiday in Italy will suit every kind of traveller, regardless of one who is just looking to play in some of the best golf courses across Europe or curiously explore some of the most charismatic celebrated provinces in the Mediterranean.

In recent times, Italy and its neighbouring provinces have gained acknowledgements as one of the most alluring and desirable golfing courses. With the prominence of international golfing events like the Ryder Cup, and availability of erudite and pristine golf courses dispersed around the country, and the fabulous islands, it has become a mecca for golf and sailing holiday worldwide. 

Italy has always been a hotspot for all these marvellous landscapes, archipelagos, coastlines and lakes that keeps attracting people from all corners of the globe. In addition, the calm and diverse waters of the Mediterranean provide opportunities for adventures liking diving and snorkelling.  

Italcharter logoItalcharter is dedicated to plan and execute best Golf Tour packages in Italy ensuring clients get stimulating experiences beyond golf. Enriched with a combination of choices between golf and touring packages and impeccable service, Italcharter welcomes tourists from all corners of the globe with unforgettable yet unique Golf and Sailing Holidays in Italy including divine places like North Sardinia and Corse, South Sardinia, and Tuscany.


Why Should You Choose Italcharter?

Equipped with the best Boats for Sailing in Italy, Italcharter Golf tour packages are designed to provide a seamless experience of an ideal golfing and sailing experience covering some of the most celebrated golf courses located in renowned regions like North Sardinia and Corse, South Sardinia, Tuscany and the vivid archipelagos along the Mediterranean. 

Italcharter’s premium cruises, boats, and gulets which are crafted with excellence and meant to provide a mesmerising experience. They are designed for offering distinctive and contemporary solutions to cater to the individuality of every traveller. Representing the true spirit of Italy, Italcharter encourages innovation and the creation of beauty. 

Italcharter services are not just confined to provide you best packages for golfing and sailing holiday, but also to cater the best service, hygiene, and hospitality to its guests and make it a memorable experience for them. The customised tour packages comprise an impeccable experience with the mystique of outstanding marinas, historic walls and castle, artistic masterpieces and gastronomic delights along with the most undiscovered and unexplored destinations of Italy. 

The unique golfing and sailing destinations throughout North Sardinia features 5 selected courses under the full-golf packages including Pevero, Botanic, Puntaldia, Murtoli, and Sperone. The full-golf package in South Sardinia enables guests to play a selection of 5 golf courses in the golf clubs including Cagliari, 2 of Is Molas Golf Club, and 2 of Tanka Golf Club. And, Tuscany features an assorted selection of 5 golf-courses in the top-ranking sea-side golf clubs in the Mediterranean sea including Cosmopolitan, Hermitage, Toscana, Punta, and Argentario.

Guests can book a 7-day holiday package, which includes transfer from/to airport, transfer from/to golf courses, 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 5 dinners on board as well in restaurants in Golf Club Houses, touring the best beaches, coats, and towns, etc. 

Perfectly matched to provide the best conditions for an executive golfing and sailing holiday, Italy is irresistible in its own ways. Italcharter accounts for having one of the best golfing and sailing holidays in the space. Furnished with the most sophisticated cuisines, lodging and travelling facilities, Italcharter promises a blissful and unforgettable customer experience like no other. We are dedicated to render premium hospitality to the guests ensuring a feeling of a gracious and serene get away from home, making it a lavish and exquisite private club in the waters of the Mediterranean. Reach out to us for any information or queries on golf and sailing holidays in Italy.