Italy is the dream destination for everyone who wants to enjoy the best holiday of their lives. We are committed to providing the best golf and sailing experience for our guests, but we realize that people have several interest when they are on holiday. In addition, there are some people who don’t like to play golf.

Funny times with Italcharter are all moments outside of golf that give the perfect completion to a couple's holiday in which one of the spouses is a passionate golf and the other prefers to do other activities or relax.

On our tours a rich blend of funny activities are offered each day, all combined with five-star service, creating an exciting travel experience without peer. All our gulets have sports equipment on board available to guests. All boats have masks, snorkels and fins for snorkeling, fishing lines and even canoes and inflatable mattresses.

Some gulets may have water ski, windsurf, ringo, wakeboard, paddle, jet ski etc. on board.

In our itineraries in Tuscany and Sardinia there are numerous opportunities to drop anchor on our gulets to stop and admire the spectacular stretches of water where you can snorkel.For the joy of the eyes, but also of the soul. Because this sport is capable of transmitting great enthusiasm and lasting passions.

Sardinia is known as one of the most beautiful places in Europe to explore the spectacular flora and fauna under the sea. The sea water is so clear and the rocks of this unique island are the perfect home for many habitants of the Mediterranean Sea.

From turtles over starfishes to dolphins you can see many different animals living underwater.There are also many shellfishes and mussels. You will never forget the wonderful coral reefs you see here.

Our tours include snorkeling safaris, ideal for children and lovers of the sea. During the tour a certified dive guide will take you to discover sea-urchins and sea-stars, fish, octopus and other odd creatures. We also have on board a waterproof book for the recognition of the fish and other sea animals.

We will be always ready to help you with the equipment and answer your questions. The underwater safari will take place near the boat, in rocky areas far from other boats, where it is easier to meet marine life. We will be swimming in safety and in the careful respect of the underwater environment.

From crystal clear waters to breathtaking landscapes, every time you will experience the most unforgettable moments of your life.

For that special occasion with your special someone, you can only choose the most special destination. And there’s nothing in the world that can beat a romantic vacation in Italy.

Yes! A lovely romantic vacation on board to an elegant boat is exactly what you and your beloved one need to build the sweetest memories, whether you are planning a golf & sail trip to challenge your friends or to enjoy what the God did at its best.

You can start your day right at the sunrise with a pleasant walk along the seaside and stop for an astonishing ‘fresh-morning’ photograph at one of the piers to always remember the views and your genuine happiness.